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Architecture: Church Furnishings
Stained Glass Image of St. Clothilde

One of the many fine examples of stained
glass in St. Augustine Church
is this image of St. Clothilde. 

St. Clothilde [A.D. 545] was
the wife of Clovis, the King of the Salian Franks.

She is credited with her husband's conversion to Christianity as well as with the founding of the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Paris.

In her later years, Clothilde, widowed, moved to Tours and spent her time ministering to
the poor and suffering.


1210 Gov. Nicholls St., N.O., LA 70116, (504)525-5934, Fax 523-2473.
Sunday Mass 10:00AM.

Wednesday Rosary at 5:30 p.m. & Mass at 6:00 p.m.

"…I saw the holy city, new Jerusalem…"

Revelation 21:2

Detail of Stained Glass Window of St. Martin

Detail of St. Martin Stained Glass Window.   Martin was Bishop of Tours [A.D. 397]

Detail of St. Augustine Statue
Statue of St. Augustine which
stands in the sanctuary

The All-Seeing Eye - Stained Glass Window
The All-Seeing Eye - Stained Glass Window Looks Down on
St. Augustine's Main Altar.

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